Sometimes you have to make a decision to Let Go!

To say farewell to something or someone who is no longer serving you.  Who is no longer aligned with where you are in your life right now.

And it’s not always easy to do.
To release and let go of something or someone who has been a big part of your life.

This week has all been about letting go.
Last Friday my Son left Primary School.  He is my younger child so we said good bye to a school we have been part of for over ten years and although he is more than ready to move on, it was still an emotional time to say goodbye.

Also this week I said good bye to my job.
I am now a full-time entrepreneur!
Which is both exciting and rather scary all at the same time.

And often when we have to let go of something, it doesn’t mean we don’t want the change to happen, it can just feel strange as we know things will be different from now on.

jewelry, luxury, vip, nightlife, party concept - beautiful woman in evening dress wearing diamond earringsIf you are on a spiritual journey and you feel your awareness and vibration is raising, you may realise that it’s time to ‘let go’ of some people in your life.  You begin to realise there are people in your life who actually drain your energy and bring you down.

Or people who, usually out of love, put their own fears and limiting beliefs onto you.  People who are not on the same journey and accelerated growth as you are. And sometimes we have to let them go.  They have their own journey and beliefs and they are no longer aligned with ours.

Perhaps there’s a project you need to let go of, a project you started some time ago.
You’ve put so much into it.  Money, time and emotion.
And it’s really hard to let it go.

You know it’s no longer serving you.  Exciting you.  You’ve moved on.
Your own personal development journey has taken you in a different direction and you know intuitively it’s time to let go.

But it’s not easy when you’ve given so much to something.  When you’ve invested so much time, effort and energy into it.

Perhaps you are working with a coach or mentor and you feel it is time for this to come to an end.   It’s time to find someone new to take you to the next level.

Although these decisions can sometimes feel tough, we know we need to make them. Sometimes circumstances mean the decision is made for us.  But we know on a deep level it’s the right thing for us to do.

But it does mean change.  And fear doesn’t like change.  Fear likes to keep you safe and in your comfort zone.

Winter Beauty Fashion. Closeup gorgeous young woman wearing trendy fur hat and mittens with hands on the chin while looking at camera sensually. Isolated on black background. Monochrome high fashion portrait with copy space. Wintry styleIf everything stays the same then fear knows you’re safe.
If you change things and shake things up a little, then fear starts jumping up and down to do it’s job.

If your fear is really kicking off right now because things are changing for you, whether it’s your decision or someone else’s.

There are two things I would like to share with you which will be a huge help.

Firstly, when we let go of something, it makes space for the new.  If you are letting go of a project, a coach,a relationship, a career then you are creating space for something new to come in.

My son leaving Primary School opens up space for his new school adventure.
Leaving my job opens up space to work full time on my business.

Yes it’s scary, yes it’s change but it brings about the space for new things to come in. New and exciting opportunities.
Opportunities that motivate us and make us feel really good.

And that wouldn’t have happened if we hadn’t let go of the old.

The Second thing.  Take some time to think about what you have learnt from past experiences.

Cheerful blond girl is typing on a laptop with concentration. She is sitting at holding a cup of coffeeSo you’ve been working on a project for years and it’s been a really tough decision to let it go because you’ve invested so much into it.

But you’ve learnt so much.  So much about yourself and your business.    All it has taught you, all the lessons you have learnt, you will take with you moving forward.

Perhaps a relationship taught you to have boundaries and you will go into a new relationship being strong around your values and needs.

You might decide to allow a new coach to push you because you’ve decided to shift things up to the next level.

So when we let go, although it can feel emotional and fearful, it does allow space for something or someone new and exciting.  And all those lessons you learnt, you are taking them with you into your exciting future.

You are fully supported.
The Universe has your back.
This is all meant to be happening and there’s something exciting waiting for you around the corner.


If you are woman who loves setting intention in her life and business.
If you feel empowered by following your intuition and you follow your heart and passion all the way.

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