Happy Valentines Day.  Time to celebrate ‘Love’.  Love for others and Love for yourself. Young woman portrait with closed eyes holding red Heart. Love symbol.

I have something important I want to share with you today. I have had a couple of conversations with clients this week and they are both experiencing the same emotions. Feelings they are experiencing around how they feel about themselves.

They are not loving themselves and they are giving themselves a really hard time for decisions they made in the past. In some cases years and years ago.

So I would like to ask you to please stop focusing on what you haven’t achieved.
On where you feel you’ve failed.
On past experiences in your life wishing they had had a different outcome.
You made a decision years ago with what you knew at the time.
You made the choices for a reason. You were different then.

You’ve learned more.
Done more.
Experienced more. 
You’ve achieved so much success throughout your life. Some experiences will have been challenging – really challenging. Others had you flying high with happiness.But they have made you the amazing woman you are today.
Keep going. 
The success you want. The feeling of joy and freedom doesn’t come from any amount of money, number of clients, speaking engagements or followers on your Social Media.
It doesn’t come from how others treat you.
It comes from how you treat yourself. It comes from doing the work within.
There is nothing out there that will give you that feeling of happiness you want.
It doesn’t come from external sources. You are the only one who can make it happen.
And it starts with being kinder to yourself. 
You have not failed.
You have learned from every experience you have ever had 
Are you ready to do this deep work on yourself?
To discover the path to feeling the joy and freedom you desire?
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I can’t wait!

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