I received a really great question this week from one of the women in my Free Facebook CommunityThe Intuitive Leaders Lounge.

Cheerful blond girl is typing on a laptop with concentration. She is sitting at holding a cup of coffeeEvery week, in the group, I go live with some free coaching. A chance for the women in the group to ask me questions and receive support with any challenges they may be having.

The question she asked was this,

“I often feel inspired with what I want to do to create a business, I feel it in my heart and I connect with others around it but when I go to my computer, I become overwhelmed, I get stuck in my head and I don’t trust my own voice. What can I do to change this?”

I think we can all resonate with this. I know I have felt like this many times before.

We know we feel inspired, we know we want to share our amazing idea with the world but we get stuck, overwhelm sets in and we find ourselves unable to move forward.

So I have shared with the group some ways in which they can move through this:Attractive young woman with a drink on a terrace of a bar

Celebrate – celebrate that you have felt inspired and guided. Celebrate that you are excited to create something. Imagine going through life and never feeling that way?  Never feeling inspired to share something from your heart?  The Universe has given you such an amazing opportunity. Go celebrate and stay in that energy for a while.

The reason you feel stuck when you go to your computer is because it suddenly becomes real.  You are about to put something into action and then fear comes to play.  It is important that you have a good relationship with your fear, get to know how old it is, what it wants and needs to hear so it feels you are safe.  The better relationship you have with fear, the less it will grip you and keep you stuck.

When overwhelm sets in come back to the feeling you felt when you celebrated your idea.  Come back to that emotion of being inspired.  Focus on it so this can help move you through your overwhelm.

Also, remember what you focus on grows.  So if you are focusing on the overwhelm you attract in more of the same.  Focus on your inspiration, your excitement, your idea instead.

Woman with happy expression relaxing on meadowIf you find you don’t trust your inner voice, ask yourself where does that stem from? When in your life have you had a time you felt you weren’t able trust yourself? There is usually a deeper reason why you find it challenging to not trust you inner voice.  You trusted the idea enough to be inspired to take action.  You trusted your inner voice then.  What are you now afraid of?  What is your fear telling you?  Do some journaling around this and see what comes in for you?

Value yourself and your work. Value what you do – your gift and your message.  Remember you’ve received the amazing, inspired idea for a reason. The Universe gave you the idea because it knows you have all within you to birth it, nourish it and bring it out into the world.

Trust yourself, let your fear know you’ve got this.  Someone out there needs what you have to share – they are waiting for you to impact their life.

Own your value
Own your worth
The Universe has chosen you.


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