Are you trying to manifest money for something?

Perhaps to buy a handbag, a car, a new house? To invest in yourself or your business?

Attractive girl standing near the car in the city

You keep resonating with amazing coaches you see online.
You’ve been following them for a while.
You want to invest with them because you know they’re going to have massive impact on you both personally and professionally.
But you don’t.
You think about it.
You go to their sales page ready to put in your payment details but something stops you.
But you want to do it!
You want to work with them 1:1.
Because they have the life and business you want.
And you believe they will get you there too.
But first you have to manifest the money.

The thing is very few people have a ‘self development investment’ pot of money just sitting there.
An amount of money they have put aside to invest in themselves and their business.
In my experience, these amazing opportunities appear in my life when I don’t have the finances to invest.
When there’s no more room on the credit card.
When the overdraft is max’d out.
But something inside me knows I have to do this.
If I want the life and business I desire.
Investing usually takes guts.
It takes courage.
It takes you beyond your comfort zone on every level.
And they’re the best investments.
They’re the ones where you get the most amazing results.
Because you’ve aligned your energy to change.
You’ve told The Universe you’re ready to commit to a different way of being.
A different way of living.
What are you waiting to commit to?
What are you holding back on?
Remember you are a reflection of what you’re getting.
So if you’re holding back on investing in yourself.
Others may hold back on investing in you.
If you are waiting to commit.
Others will wait to commit with you.
This is your time.
Your time to invest.
Your time to realise your worth.
To transform.
To step into the person you need to be
To create that 6-figure business
That life of Freedom and Flexibility your soul is yearning for
The successful business that makes you feel ALIVE!
How much do you want it?

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