How are you?  Can you believe we are in December already?

I had a session with my coach last week.
She gave me the space to be very honest.

She asked the questions that I needed to ask myself
The questions that I have avoided.

She asked me this:

What truth are you not speaking?

What do you really want that you’re not asking?

What would I ask for if I new anything was possible?

What are you ashamed, unsure or scared of?

How are you holding yourself back?

How are others holding you back?

Young lonely woman on bench in park

We went there in every area of my life.
My gift and my business
My relationships
Wealth and abundance
My health and fitness


It was honest.
Raw. Real.

There were tears.
Believe me it wasn’t pretty.
I broke.

To lift that lid on my fears.
My true fears, wasn’t easy.

But I know it had to be done.
I had to go there to break down
To be honest with myself.

And the relief. An amazing sense of relief Woman with happy expression relaxing on meadow Just admitting the truth.
Of how I really felt.

Realising that in most areas, my life is amazing.
Ive done the work and it shows.

Yes I have more work to do.
But sometimes getting honest and real is the hardest but the most important step.

Are you ready to ask yourself these questions?
How do they make you feel?

Sometimes you have to get really honest with yourself before you can shift into the energy and mindset you want.

You have to realise how scared, afraid and fearful you really are.
What you’re not saying to yourself. Admitting to yourself.

These questions aren’t easy.

Attractive young woman with a drink on a terrace of a barBut when you give them your attention, things can start getting real.

And out of the emotion.  The uneasiness. The fear.
Comes calmness and clarity.

An energy that is no longer pushing or forcing.
Not working from that ‘should’ mentality.

And you connect back in with what you really love doing.
With what lights you up and feeds your soul.

Are you ready to do that?

Are you ready to spend next year doing what you love?
Not just planning an amazing year for 2018 but going beyond your fear and making things happen.

Female friends studying at the local coffee shopNo more believing that you can’t

Thinking you’re not ready
No more procrastination
Knowing you can do so much more.

If you’re ready, let’s spend the day together.
A day for you to get honest and real.

  • You’ll have Intuitive Guidance – clear messages from The Universe so you know exactly where you’re at and what you need to work on
  • Energy and mindset shifts
  • Clarity on what is really holding you back (and its usually not what you think it is)
  • Clearing those old emotions that are no longer serving you
  • Creating a powerful relationship with your fear so it doesn’t keep you stuck.
  • Plus one months coaching following our day together

Are you ready? Send me a reply to this email and let’s chat.

With love

Anne-Louise x

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