There are days when I want to scream at the top of my voice.

I want to shout, punch a wall, let out this frustration that is within me (did I really just admit that out loud?)

And it seems to appear from no where. One minute I feel fine and the next this mass of energy needs to be released and I have no idea why.

Well that’s not strictly true, I do have some idea why.

It’s usually because I’ve not been listening to myself.
I’ve not been committing to my daily practices of journalling and meditation.
I’ve not been taking care of me.

It happens when I start to carry the emotions of others.
Loved ones who are stressed and overwhelmed with what life is throwing at them.

And I want to help and support them.
I love them, of course, I do.

But sometimes I take their emotions on board and ride the rollercoaster of the highs and lows of what they’re going through.

And this kicks off my own internal rollercoaster of fear, doubt and worry.

But I know it won’t last for long.
Because I have done the work.
Thank The Universe that I have done the work.

I know what I need to do to bring my energy and vibration back into alignment.
To calm my thoughts.
To change my state.

This morning I chose to dance it out.
I put on some of my favourite tunes, turned the music up loud and danced as if no-one was watching.

Ten minutes later I felt GOOD!
Energised and ready for the day ahead.

Sometimes we just have do something that makes us feel amazing to change our state
To remind ourselves of what we love.
What lights us up and brings us joy.

To stop with the overwhelm, the busyness, the fear and the uncertainty.
To connect back in with who we are and what we love to do.

And that’s the choice we have in any given moment don’t we?
To decide how we want to feel. How we want to react.

Simple – Yes.  Easy – Not so much.

It takes work.  Commitment.
Clearing our own limiting beliefs around our self worth and self belief.
Changing those old stories and habits that are no longer serving us.

Taking a long, hard look at who we really are.
And that can feel scary.

What if we don’t like what we discover?
What if underneath all the stories, emotions and ‘stuff’ we’re not that great.
Then what do we do?

The thing is, underneath all the stories you tell yourself
All the fear.  The uncertainty.
The sadness.  The overwhelm.
Is this gorgeous, beautiful, vibrant woman.

A woman who is ready to shine.
Ready to be the star of her own life.
A woman of strength and passion.
Of elegance and vitality.
A woman who wants to love and be loved.

A woman who just wants to be allowed to be herself.
In all our imperfect glory.
Because that is all we need to be.

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