Passion Purpose Possibility - Anne-Louise Harbutt

The Intuitive Leaders Retreat

An Intimate room of Amazing women

Focusing on their energy and vibration

A strong and kind, like-minded women

Intuitive Guidance


Intention setting

Resistance clearing

Increasing self belief and self worth

So you can take the next step towards the life you desire

I love it when my clients shift their mindset
Lift their vibration
and get results after just one Intuitive reading

Imagine what will happen when we combine

Our energy
Our focus
Our intention

for a whole weekend

How powerful that will be.

Every woman on this retreat has an opportunity to work with me 1:1 after the event.

Taking your confidence and self-belief sky high
Setting strong intentions so you get results
Clearing the resistance and limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Focusing your energy so you can create a plan to take action and move forward towards your desires and goals. 

This retreat will serve you on so many levels.


Spiritually – the energy in the room will be connected with The Universe and each other.  When I work with my clients, I hold the space for them to shift through their resistance and break through their limiting beliefs.

Emotionally – when you raise your vibration.  When you start believing in yourself at a level you haven’t experienced before. You find an inner strength that propels you towards your goals and desires. A happier life that comes with ease.

Physically – time away from your every day.  You will leave behind the mundane, the to-do list and spend a couple of days totally focused on you.  Time to be still.  Time to breath.  Time to relax.

So when and where is this amazing retreat experience going to take place?

6th/7th March 2020 
The stunning Hintlesham Hall Hotel in Suffolk

Included in your VIP ticket price will be

2 Days to Raise Your Energy and Vibration 
Your meals and one night accommodation in a 4* hotel
A dinner with all the other amazing ladies on the Retreat
1:1 Transformational Coaching Session with me (value £400)

Investment £1497

For those of you Looking for Something Extra Special

I offer an Elite Option including accommodation the night prior to the Retreat
and a chance to work with me 1:1 for 3 months following the Retreat 

The Elite Option include 

2 Days to Raise Your Energy and Vibration
Your meals and two nights accommodation in a 4* hotel

A dinner with all the other amazing ladies on the Retreat
3 Months Private Coaching Programme (value £1200)

Investment £1997

The Retreat is so much more than a weekend away.

Yes you have time away from your business
Away from the busyness of your every day.
Time  to meditate, journal, relax in beautiful surroundings

But it is so much more than that.

It is a safe space for you to feel vulnerable and yet protected
So you can explore those deeper emotions that you keep hidden
Those deep emotions that keep you playing small
Those emotions that stop you shining as the fullest version of yourself.

A space to be led by Intuitive Guidance
As The Universe works its magic with the most powerful signs and synchronicities.

As you discover more about yourself

On a deeper level
A soul level

Where your truth and purpose resides.

And you shift.
You shift your mindset and perspective
And that gets results

Those who have shared this amazing Retreat experience have

Discovered they are on the wrong path in their business and had the right path appear right in the front of them, saving £££ of investment, time, emotion and energy going in the wrong direction

Went from rock bottom to winning their first big client, having stacks of potential business in the pipeline and finding the loving relationship they’d been looking for for 40 years

Fulfilled their dream of living a life in the Sun. Moving through the fear and guilt of choosing their own dreams over the feelings of those they loved.

Starting to write a book after feeling blocked for over a year about where to start.  Within 3 days of The Retreat, they had written their first 500 words with ease

Having lived with the fear of being in debt to creating consistent income in their business.

Feeling more confident, happy and alive than they had in over 30 years

The Retreat seems to work its magic every time.

Powerful decisions are made
A sense of passion, commitment and drive is re-ignited

And lives are changed.

I was totally inspired to come on the Anne-Louise’s Retreat because of her great sense of humour and her magical ability to recognize blocks and how to release them.  Over the weekend, Anne-Louise focused in on my current block and exactly what I needed to do to move forward.  Anne-Louise’s Intuitive Guidance is incredibly powerful and she is literally ‘lit up’ as she shares her energy with the group. I would whole heartedly recommend spending the weekend at Anne-Louise’s Retreat.

Sue Hall

“Working with Anne Louise is so different to any other coaching experience. Her nurturing style is so comforting and so empowering at the same time. 

There is no hiding from her intuitive insight. She has the ability to reach in and grab the issues that you are avoiding and allow you to find your own inner wisdom to move forward.

Josie Louise Brocksom

I just spent Friday and Saturday with Anne-Louise at the retreat and I can honestly say it has been the best investment i have made in myself in nearly 30 years. We cried, laughed, sang and some even skipped (you know who you are!). I had no idea what to expect from the 2 days but I knew that I was not connecting with my life and didn’t know why, well now I do. I feel exhilarated and totally fired up for my life and whatever lays ahead. Driving home I was emotionally exhausted but mentally on fire, I feel I have expanded more in the last few days than the last 5 years. Looking forward to putting all I learnt into action and when it has sunk in seriously considering reinvesting in myself in March.

Sue Chalmers

So why should I come on your retreat Anne-Louise? 

My clients get results. I hold the space. They shift, they change their mindset and what they learn changes the way they feel about their life and themselves.

I don’t have the time 

It’s only 2 days.  Two days just for you.  Time away from your every day routine.  Special time for you to benefit from the amazing energy of the other ladies on the retreat.  The power of women coming together.

It’s not the right time for me

When is the right time my love?  When will that time come for you?  How much longer do you want to feel overwhelmed and frustrated because nothing is changing for you.

I don’t have the money

I get it.  It doesn’t sit well with you to spend this money on YOU. On something for yourself.  You have other financial commitments.  But can you afford not to? How much longer do you want to feel tired, believing the life you desire is beyond your reach? The mindset shifts you have on this retreat will last you a lifetime.   There are payment plans available, send me an email for details (

The retreat is limited to only 5 women.  So book your place now.

The VIP retreat price includes:
2 amazing days to raise your energy and vibration
Your meals and accommodation in a 4* Hotel
A dinner with all the other amazing ladies on the retreat
1:1 Transformational coaching session with me (value £400)

VIP Investment £997

For those of you looking for something extra special, I am offering an Elite Option
including accommodation the night prior to the Retreat so you can wake up refreshed and ready for the amazing weekend ahead.
And a chance to work with me 1:1 for 3 months following our weekend together, so you continue to take action and get results.

The Elite Option includes:
2 amazing days to raise your energy and vibration
2 nights accommodation and meals in a 4* Hotel
A dinner with all the other amazing ladies on the retreat
3 month 1:1 private coaching package (value £1200) 

Elite Investment £1497

Any questions send me an email and let’s chat. 

Who is Anne-Louise Harbutt

Who is Anne-Louise Harbutt

I love working with high vibe, heart-centred business women, who love setting intention in their life and business.  Women who follow their heart and their passion all the way.I work with women who have reached such a level in their business, they feel they have no place to be vulnerable, to shift through their blocks and self sabotage, getting to the core of the emotion that is holding them back and clearing the hell out of it!I’m fabulously intuitive and I combine this intuition with transformational coaching – the combination is incredibly powerful and brings amazing results.

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