Friday 24th January 2020
LOCATION: Central London

It is so incredibly powerful when women come together.

When they’re able to be in the same room, sharing their business, their message, their passion.

In this online world, it can feel lonely and although we get to chat on Zoom and Skype, it is not the same as actually having a face to face conversation.Three women taking a selfie picture

When you meet face to face the connection is deeper.
Your relationship is stronger.
You meet new clients, collaborators and business just happens!
And this strong connection continues on long after the event.

And much more than that, women come together and feel empowered by being surrounded by like-minded women.
Women who believe they are here to make a difference. To have a huge impact on the world.

The energy of excitement, conversations and genuine connection is powerful.

Come and spend the afternoon with other like-minded women.
Make connections.
Share Your Story, Your Passion, Your Business.  

We meet at 12.45pm for lunch and will be finished by 5pm.

I cannot wait to spend the afternoon with you!


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