Today I want to talk to you about inspiration.
Where it comes from and how it helps you grow your business.

We can be inspired by so many things
A book
A live on social media
A walk in nature
A motivating speaker….

We never know when inspiration is going to pay us a visit.

What I do know is, it doesn’t usually come to say hello whilst you’re feeling overwhelmed, busy and stressed.  Inspiration doesn’t seem to like that energy very much.

It seems to prefer silence, relaxation and times when you’re focusing on something that fills you with peace and calm.

I am currently reading ‘Big Magic’ by Elizabeth Gilbert and she talks about inspiration and creativity a lot in this book.

How it can creep up on you in any moment and you have to catch the idea as it rushes through you, before it moves onto someone else.

It’s those flashes of inspiration, those thoughts and ideas that suddenly appear in your consciousness that light a spark of excitement in you, that you should follow.

However strange they seem, or scary or ridiculous.
Or you haven’t got a clue how you’re going to bring this inspiration to life.

If it excites you, take that inspiration and run with it.
Don’t worry about the how.
The details.

Follow your intuition.
The feelings of excitement.
And just go for it!

This weekend I have been inspired by a Deck of Cards – ‘The Universe Has Your Back’ by Gabrielle Bernstein.  I feel inspired to go live every week to talk about how powerful the Universe is in both our business and personal lives and how we can keep our connection strong.

I also feel I will be creating a programme for you from this too, so watch this space.

I will be live on my Facebook Business Page on a Monday morning – click here to find the page – sharing a card from this deck and sharing my thoughts and guidance with you.

What has inspired you recently?
What did you do with that moment of inspiration?
Did you take it and turn it into something amazing?

And how do ideas come in for you?  Are they sudden flashes of thought or do you sit and wait for the moment to ease gently in?

I’d love to know.

With love

Anne-Louise x

P.S There are still some places left on The Intuitive Leaders Retreat next month, if you’d like to join the other amazing ladies to breakthrough your fears and limiting beliefs. Click here for more details.


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