I haven’t written a blog post for over 5 months! Not because I don’t enjoy writing blogs, I just don’t see the point in writing if I don’t feeI I have something to share that will mean something to you, serve you, support you.

I refuse to write, just because I feel I ‘should’

As I write this I am in a reflective mood.  I have just returned from my friend’s funeral. She was 42 when she died and I have just watched her husband and her two young sons, aged 13 and 11 somberly walk behind their Mother’s coffin as they grieve for their loss.

My heart is saddened. Not so much for the friend I have lost but for that young family continuing on with their own life in a way they could never have imagined. A way they couldn’t have ever predicted.

The reason I am not sad for my friend is I know she has been in pain for 5 years. Having had cancer nearly 10 years ago and made it into remission, she then discovered she had Leukaemia.  Every time I saw her she seemed in such pain, struggling to walk, struggling to breath and yet always with a beautiful smile on her face.

At her funeral this morning, my friend’s sister, spoke of her fun, witty, happy sister who despite everything.
Despite all the suffering
All the pain.  Always had a smile for everyone.

But now she is pain free.  In the funeral service we had a moment to reflect on what this amazing woman meant to each and everyone one of us and as I listened to ‘Morning has Broken’ playing in the background, I imagined her Soul dancing gracefully around the eaves of the church. Playfully, elegantly moving her body as she felt the music flow through her. She is happy I know.

So today I reflect on these things.

Make the most of every moment you have.  Tell those who are dear to you, you love them.  Tell them how much they mean to you.
Listen to them when they speak to you.  How often in this busy world, do you have a half-hearted conversation, as one ear is listening to their words but an eye is looking at your phone as you scroll through social media and emails.  Be present for those you love.  Tell them how you feel. Let them share how they feel.

All there is is love.  Beneath everything is love.
Beneath your fear, your mistrust, your uncertainty and your self doubt is love.
Love for the woman you once were, love the woman you will become.
Know the The Universe loves you unconditionally  Always.

What are you waiting for?  How many of you are running your own business?  Wanting to achieve success.
To create a life of freedom, happiness and joy?
But you’re waiting, waiting for the right time, waiting until you feel confident enough, waiting until you stop worrying about what everyone else thinks.
Don’t wait!  Do it now.

You are all that you need to be. In this moment.  Right now you are everything you need to be.
With all your imperfections, your emotions, your beliefs and your fears – you are amazing.
You deserve the life you desire, just because you are you.
You don’t need to do or be any more to have that life.  You deserve it just because.

Life is a gift.  A precious gift.
Spend each day living being the fullest, most vibrant version of yourself.

You are not here to play small.
You are here to shine.
So shine brightly.
The world is waiting.


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