It’s been a while since I have written a blog.
I stopped writing for a while and I was beginning to question who I was writing the blog for.

Was I writing it because I wanted to.
Because I felt inspired and had something to share that I thought would have an impact on your life or business,
Or was I writing it because I felt I ‘should’ do.
Because others did and it was the ‘thing’ to do.

And that’s not how I ever wanted to be in my business.
Sharing something because I felt I had ticked a box.
Completed something because someone else said it was important.

I want my business to be about being inspired from the heart.
About being guided from The Universe as to what my purpose is to share each and every day.

Young business woman working at sidewalk cafeI want to feel aligned with what I am doing.
Speaking my truth.  Inspiring others.

I know it won’t appeal to everyone
But if I have been given a thought, an idea to share there’s a reason for it.

The Universe wouldn’t have given me the Divine download if it didn’t want me to share it with the world.

We can get so overwhelmed in this Online World with what we feel we ‘should’ be doing
The right way to run a successful business.

And of course there are many strategies that can make a huge difference to your success
But they have to feel right for you.

Don’t try and fit into someone else’s shoes
Into a strategy that worked for them.
If it feels totally out of alignment for you.

Know that being you is all you ever need to be.
Trust that and allow your soul mate clients to come.

When you know you are enough you do things on your own terms.
Life is no longer about pleasing other people, it’s about taking action that lines up with your values.
It frees you up to do the work you came here to do.

It brings strength and conviction to your words and action
And that shines through so your clients, peers, colleagues, friends and family see it too.
People are drawn to you and trust you because they can see you have trust in yourself.

Portrait Of Businesswoman Working In Creative OfficeRemember, you are your business.
Your soul mate clients want to hear from YOU
Buy from YOU
Because it’s your energy that they are aligned with.
Your energy they feel connected to.

Not because you have the latest strategy that everyone is talking about
Not because you have an all singing and dancing website.

But because you show up every day as you.
Speaking your truth
Aligned with your values
Knowing that you are here to make a difference.

Don’t be Like Everybody Else – Just be You!

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