I am constantly amazed by how the Universe works.

What is available to us every single day.
How it supports us and delivers what we need all in divine timing.

My personal belief is that ‘thoughts becomes things’, what you think and speak about comes back to you.

I spend time putting out thoughts to The Universe for the desired life I want.

To help my business grow
To create a happy and loving family home
To attract in my soul mate clients
And to empower women to move past their fears and limiting beliefs.

I put out my thoughts, I meditate, I journal and I show a HUGE amount of gratitude.

And magic happens!

But there was a time when I did this and nothing happened!

The feeling of being stuck was overwhelming and the more I ‘tried’ to work it all out the more stuck and frustrated I felt.

But the truth? I was putting out the thoughts of what I wanted but I was missing two key things.

Firstly, I was trying to work it all out.
I was focusing so much of my time and energy on ‘the how’.  On all the steps I needed to take, on all the results I may or may not achieve and how it would all work out in the end.

What I needed to do was put out my desired outcome, have faith and trust and then let go.

No more trying to find all the solutions.
Letting go and surrendering to the Universe all of my desires.

Secondly, I wasn’t taking consistent action.
I would do some bits here or there, convince myself that I was working on my business but I stayed within my comfort zone.
I stayed within a safe group on Facebook where I knew most people, I didn’t promote anything, I didn’t offer anything and as a result I didn’t sell anything.
Fear kept me stuck.

Taking one step at a time, making myself visible, offering opportunities to work with me, having faith and
belief in myself and trusting in the Universe has resulted in regular clients and my best week in business ever!

This is an amazing journey to be on.  A thrilling ride of emotion as excitement and fear stand side by side.

Breaking through those limiting beliefs that have held me back for so long.
Truly living in alignment with my Soul’s purpose. 


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