I had an appointment at the doctors yesterday for a Well Woman Health Check.
Basically when you’re over 40, the NHS like to regularly check you are healthy and well.
So they check things like your weight, diet, how much alcohol you drink each week (?), blood pressure, cholesterol etc.

And I’m glad to say my results were all good.

And the nurse who did the checks said,
“whatever you’re doing – just carry on doing that”.
And this got me thinking….
How often do we focus on what we should be doing differently?
What programme or product can we sell that will bring in more clients?
How can I sell differently so more people buy from me?
What can I change in my life that will mean I can feel better, happier, more alive, free…?
It’s all about what we can change.
It’s exhausting.
To constantly be looking for something different.
An improvement.
A better way.
What if we focused more on what we are already doing right.
What we are already doing that is going well.
Giving ourselves praise
To celebrate what we achieve each and every day.

Somehow that seems easier. Less pushing and guessing.
And more grounded and in the moment.

And yet our focus and attention doesn’t always seem to default to how well we’re doing.
We don’t naturally celebrate each and every success.

I am all for growing and transformation.
For our businesses to evolve and become more successful.

But not when it means we are looking outside of ourselves for the answers.
When we have all the answers within that we need.

So whatever you’re doing right now that’s working.
That you love doing.

Keep doing just that!


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