10 Weeks to Ditch the Limiting Beliefs that
Stop You Stepping Into the Mindset of a 6-Figure Leader

You’re a woman who runs her own business;
who has bought a tonne of courses to build a 6-figure business.
A woman with sales funnels
and strategies sitting there that you’ve tried to action.

You’re putting your message out in the world;
you’re posting on social media,
showing up and being visible
And yet,
no matter what you do,
you just don’t seem to get there.

And you’re beginning to wonder whether it’s YOU.
Whether you’ve got what it takes

You hear about other entrepreneurs who have reached that level of success.
You’re certain it’s possible …
You just want to be there too.

You’re implementing and taking daily action.
You’ve signed up to webinars,
challenges, podcasts and training videos
that all promise to get you there.

And yet it’s not happening for you…

And you’re beginning to think it must be me!
Wondering if you’re just not made for that level of success.

What if I was to tell you that you are.
You just need to get out of your own way.
To change your relationship with fear.
To discover an unwavering belief in yourself.
And I can show you how to do just that.

Let’s be honest, you can have every 6-figure strategy going
Sales funnels
An all singing and dancing website
1000’s of names on your list

If you don’t have the mindset of a 6-figure leader
If you don’t have the self-belief
The confidence
If you don’t believe you deserve that level of income
It’s not going to happen for you.

You can try every strategy
You can download the latest ‘thing’
You can invest a packet on your business in general
But its not going to happen without stepping into the mindset of a 6-figure business leader

This is for you if

> You’re ready to step up to be a 6 figure leader

> You already have paying clients in your business

> You are ready and committed to do the work to step into the mindset of a 6-figure leader

> And You are empowered by your connection to The Universe, to your truth and to yourself.

I believe mindset is everything.

I know not everyone will agree with me.
They’ll say you need Strategy and Structure
Marketing and Mailing lists
Websites and Workflows
And yes you need a combination of some or all of these

But if you don’t fundamentally have the self-belief that you can be a 6-figure leader it’s not going to happen.
If you have a deep fear of reaching that level of success you are simply going to repel it.

So many incredible and amazing women are not fulfilling their potential because they live their life by the stories their fear tells them. They don’t believe they are good enough and because of this, incredible women are not sharing their mission, their truth and not serving those they are here to serve.

I help entrepreneurs to shift through their fears and ditch those limiting beliefs that are stopping them creating the business they desire. Stopping them moving forward to the life they desire.


Honey, Marmite and Super Powers

Two things that shouldn’t go together – Honey and Marmite!  Those who disagree, find they can’t get enough of this unusual combination.

So why am I talking about food?  Because it helps me describe what I do.

My honey? An Intuitive Gift.  For those of you who love your connection to The Universe, I can channel messages for you that The Universe wants you to hear in any given moment.  They are powerful – really powerful.  I’ve had clients make life changing decisions in just 20 mins of having an Intuitive reading with me.

My Marmite? I combine this strong spiritual side, with a grounded love of business which has come from over 20 years of being in the corporate world. 

For those who love this combination it is a perfect balance.

“Working with Anne Louise is so different to any other coaching experience. Her nurturing style is so comforting and so empowering at the same time. 

There is no hiding from her intuitive insight. She has the ability to reach in and grab the issues that you are avoiding and allow you to find your own inner wisdom to move forward.

Josie Louise Brocksom

10 Weeks to Ditch the Limiting Beliefs that
Stop You Stepping Into the Mindset of a 6-Figure Leader

So what will we be working on during this programme?

  • Removing the fears that are holding you back
  • Reframing your limiting beliefs
  • Reframing your mindset around money and receiving, as this is a huge part of the work
  • Increasing your confidence and self-belief
  • The power of your connection to The Universe, ensuring the energy you’re putting out is propelling you into your 6-figure leader mindset and not away from it.

So you can stop procrastinating.
Stop making excuses.

Fully step into what you’re capable of.
Take action.
And feel the happiness and satisfaction of fulfilling your potential.

Because everyone’s fear and limiting beliefs are different.
Personal to them.  This is a bespoke programme.

Your limiting belief may be around your self worth, from a comment a family member said to you years ago, which buried itself in your subconscious and plays out the same story every time you move out of your comfort zone.

It may be you once had a highly successful business and you lost everything!  And your fear is doing its upmost to ensure you never go back to that place again.

Or you may have a voice in your head that says you’re just not made for this kind of success (I totally get that one!)

All different.  All very real.  And all holding you back from the level of success you want and can achieve. 

So this programme is bespoke for you. 

10 weeks working with me.  So I can see where your fears are coming from – the root cause.
When you know where the belief/fear is stemmed from you can change your perception and mindset around it.
You feel happier, stronger.  Able to be the leader/expert you were born to be.

We will have a 1:1 transformational coaching session every fortnight.
Powerful Intuitive Guidance so we can check in with The Universe as to exactly what is shifting for you.
And Unlimited Voxer messaging for those times in-between our sessions when you just need to reach out.

Are you ready to Step into the Mindset of a 6-Figure Leader?
Investment is £1997 (payment plans available)

So it’s now time to invest in YOU.
Because it’s you that’s holding your business back.

It’s your fear.
Your limiting beliefs
Your underlying feeling that you’re not good enough.

When you remove the fear you make more sales
You show up confidently being able to share your message
It’s about you having strong boundaries
Changing your perception around your self belief.

I was totally inspired to work with Anne-Louise because of her great sense of humour and her magical ability to recognize blocks and how to release them.  During our time together, Anne-Louise focused in on my current block and exactly what I needed to do to move forward.  Anne-Louise’s Intuitive Guidance is incredibly powerful and she is literally ‘lit up’ as she shares her energy with you. I would whole heartedly recommend working with Anne-Louise.

Sue Hall

Wow just wow I’ve finally found a Intuitive Personal Coach right for me and while I’d like to keep her all to myself if your looking for business/ personal guidance Anne-Louise is your girl!

Joy Fairhall

So why should you invest in this programme?

Because I know you’re a woman who wants change.
Who has been working on her business.
Downloading Strategies.
Implementing ideas.
Trying every possible way to make the money you desire and it’s just not happening for you.

Because there’s a deep-rooted belief that is stopping you reaching the level of success you desire and that is what I want to change for you.

This programme is not for you

> if you don’t feel mindset has anything to do with business success
> if you don’t believe you have a powerful connection to The Universe
> if you don’t believe energy can affect your results
> if you’re not ready to do the powerful inner work around your fear and limiting beliefs 

If you’re still reading at this point, I believe you know there’s something inside that says you need this. If it scares you because it’s a big commitment then that’s good! That’s how you should feel.

Trust what your gut is telling you – it is there to guide you.

Investment is £1997 (payment plans available)

But I have some questions Anne-Louise – What if I loved the sound of this, right up until I saw the investment?


The times I’ve invested the most in myself, to the point that it scares me so much, it takes my breath away – are the times I have seen the biggest difference in my myself and my results.

And why is that?  Because I’ve taken the most action, it means that much to me that I am going to give it my all.  Otherwise, quite frankly, what’s the point in investing in myself at all.

What if I sign up and I can’t/won’t do the work?

This is a really great question.

Firstly, I want to be honest, I can’t make you do the work.  I can’t make you do anything. You’re a strong, independent woman and no one can make you do it.

But what I can do is this.

I can hold you accountable.  I can hold the space for you to have incredible shifts.
To change your perception, your self-belief, your confidence.

There won’t be anything in the 10 weeks that you cannot do or achieve.
If you do the work.
If you are open to the change.
If you trust me and the process

And remember, the shifts you’ll make, the mindset changes, the intuitive guidance you’ll receive will be with you for the rest of your life

Shouldn’t I be using my money to build my business and not spend it on mindset stuff?

Mindset is everything!

You can have all the business strategies
All the processes
Sales Funnels
Marketing for a 6 Figure Business

If you don’t believe you can make it happen
Or more importantly, you don’t believe you deserve this level of success
It won’t happen.

You have to start believing in YOU.
Start thinking, talking and acting like a 6-figure business leader

To ditch those limiting beliefs and fears that are holding you back
And those are all in the mindset work.

Why should I invest in you, Anne-Louise?

I could write loads here and brag about what a great coach I am.  Tell you how intuitive I am and how I just seem to ‘know’ what my clients need to hear.  I could try and sell to you that the combination of Intuitive Guidance and Transformational coaching is one of the most powerful ways I’ve discovered for clients to shift from the life they have to where they ideally want to be.  But at the end of the day the decision is really up to you.

You’ll either read this and just know it’s something you need right now or you’ll come up with reasons why you can’t invest or it’s not right for you.


If you’re ready to ditch those Limiting Beliefs that are Stopping you Step into the Mindset of a 6-figure Business Leader, then I am excited to spend the next 10 weeks showing you how.  Investment is £1997 (payment plans available).

Loving what you’ve read so far and still have some questions?
Feeling deep down somewhere that this is exactly what you need but want to chat before you commit?

No problem. Ping me an email annelouise@annelouiseharbutt.com and let me know what you need.

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